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Welcome to the new school year!

A new school year has begun at eo eikaiwa in Miyakojimaku. We want to welcome back all our returning students, and give a warm welcome to our new students. We are looking forward to another great year at eo!

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A Happy New Year. I'm sure you had nice holidays and look forward to another wonderful year with you.Thomas is taking over Tuesday's classes from Today. He has 6 years experiences at eo-eikaiwa and our students love his lessons.

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Merry Christmas from eo!

Merry Christmas!
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Time flies, it's going to be December soon in just two days.We'll have Christmas Party from 18 to 22 and have a Secret Santa.

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Halloween Party!


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October  10月

こんにちは。都島区eo英会話です。10月になり,よく台風がやってきて天気がややこしいですね。しかし、大雨が降っても、生徒のみなさんは休まずにレッスンに来てくれます。台風のシーズンが過ぎると、みんなの大好きなHalloween Party です。今年はどんなpartyになるかな?楽しみですね。

It's October. Typhoon comes often this month and the weather is very changeable and strange. But our students attends their lessons even if it's heavy rainy day.
Their favorite day "Halloween Party" is coming soon after the typhoon weeks.
What will be our Halloween Party this year? Look forward to it.

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Hi everyone, How are you? The second semester has started at school.It's still very hot
summer though, the students have to go to school. They don't want to go, but they'll get to meet their friends and become happy.


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8月11日ー17日 お盆休みです。

Hi there, How are you doing ? We are glad our students are studying very hard even though it's summer holidays. Some students passed EIKEN TEST and the other students have been in foreign countries this summer. Not only students but teachers went to Canada and Thomas is staying in the USA now and enjoying summer. Speaking of summer, our school is closed from 11th to 17th for Obon holidays. We hope you'll have great holidays !


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Walking, walking... in Kinder Class

Today the kids enjoyed walking, hopping, running, and stopping.

WWalking, Walking

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