October  10月

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こんにちは。都島区eo英会話です。10月になり,よく台風がやってきて天気がややこしいですね。しかし、大雨が降っても、生徒のみなさんは休まずにレッスンに来てくれます。台風のシーズンが過ぎると、みんなの大好きなHalloween Party です。今年はどんなpartyになるかな?楽しみですね。

It's October. Typhoon comes often this month and the weather is very changeable and strange. But our students attends their lessons even if it's heavy rainy day.
Their favorite day "Halloween Party" is coming soon after the typhoon weeks.
What will be our Halloween Party this year? Look forward to it.

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