Japanese yen is still strong! Go abroad!

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最近の若者は意欲がないと言われますが、どんどん海外に行ってほしいと思います。将来またドルが高くなったら海外に行けませんよ。さあ、レイト(為替)をチェックしてスーツケースも準備してGO !

I talked with some mothers about how the Japanese yen was very weak a long time ago and we had to pay more than 200 yen for a dollar. So, at that time, many people couldn't afford to travel around the world. Going abroad wasn't easy . This talk surprised a young mother very much. " Really ? Buying a dollar for more than 100 yen is still high for me now, but was it more than 200 yen? I can't believe that ! " she said.
It is said that recently young Japnese people don't have any motivation to explore, but I'd like them to go abroad and know many different worlds while they are young. Otherwise they may have to buy more expensive dollars in the future. Check the rate now and pack your suitcase !

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